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Boxing Fit Clicks: Mama’s going to knock you out edition

Mike Tyson’s Training regime before he got an acquired taste for opponents ears of the day

boxing tipsMike Tyson was the last great boxer according to me.  After he lost to Buster Douglas boxing became dead to me.  I watched a little during the Holyfield and Lennox Lewis days, but it never was the same for me.  Tyson was literally a beast, the guy was lightning fast, and had the power of a 1000 men (I made this up).  For those of you who might be interested here  is a copy of his training schedule.

If you would like a couple of to drills to improve hand speed I suggest you follow this link.


Sexy Boxer of the Day

If my girl friend ever wore this I would not punch her, but she would definitely get a spanking.  Here is a gallery of the top 50 boxing babes according to the people in “Banned in Hollywood” (don’t know much about women’s boxing so I just taking their word for it).


Boxer Recipe of the Day


To tell you the truth I could not find any good recipe related to boxing.  All I came up with were recipes for dogs, and some drinks.  The picture above shows a ham and cheese quiche, which you can have for breakfast, or at any other time if you please (if you are a boxer probably nobody is going to argue with you). has a small article on diets for boxing, which you should read if you have any spare time; doesn’t include steroid, I checked (terrible joke, I know).

Inspirational Boxing Video of the day

There will never ever be another boxing movie like Rocky.  I have to admit the last couple of ones sucked, but they mostly rock.  My favorite is Rocky IV. I just love his training in the snow, the music, the fight, the drama, etc.  So here are a few inspirational quotes from Mickey to help you through your day, or even life.

Jump Rope like a Boxer video of the Day

Have to admit Rocky was the reason I decided to learn how to jump rope.  I personally enjoy it a lot.  It’s a great for developing quick feet, stamina, and other stuff I can’t think of right now.  So here is yours truly with a small tutorial on how to jump rope.

Boxer Dog Video of the Day

I’m just posting this video because I love dogs, and this one reminded my o mine.

Fit Clicks: Parkour Conditioning Edition

Parkour Tip of the Day

Learning Parkour is tough and dangerous, but this is no reason why you shouldn’t include some of its moves in your training.  One of the drills I enjoy the most from parkour are the stability exercises like cat balance and precision jumps (might have to register to view this or you can watch this video).  These two exercises are a wicked way of strengthening the core, and developing six pack abs, while having a cool goal.

The best way to learn parkour tricks is patience.  Learning these things takes time.  On youtube there are some good to tutorials that have a step by step process.  DON’T SKIP ANY STEPS!!!  Before you go from one step to the next be sure you have enough confidence in yourself.  Lack of confidence in this sport, and others like gymnastics, can make you hesitate and get injured.

Another tip I wanted to give you is, “don’t underestimate the small frame most traceurs have”.  These guys and gals are strong.  Down below I have a couple of parkour conditioning videos that will help you develop the strength and power necessary to pull off some of these stunts.

My last tip would be, ” BE CAREFUL”. I don’t want to lose any readers. If you have a gym near by where you can train, go ahead and sign up, or look up a parkour group in your home town.  Parkour is very popular nowadays, there might be some good instructors in your area.

Want to Learn Parkour

I bet there are various good programs out there, but I have only followed two sources:  American Parkour and Learn more Parkour.  Both of them have free tutorials, which really help you learn how to do the tricks.

Parkour Video of the Day

I loved this video from the first day I saw.  This has to be one of the coolest gyms ever.

Parkour Conditioning Video of the Day

Parkour is all about strength and very little muscle.  Just look at the stunts these guys pull.  Here are some tough exercises you can do to increase your strength.

Fit Clicks: Glute Exercises for a Perfect Butt, Butt Models, and more

Note to self: I going to have a ball writing this edition.

You got to admit there is nothing sexier than a round butt.  There is something about curves that is sexier than straightlines.  Going back to my high School geometry, I’m going to go ahead and formulate the Beltranian Law of Sexiness: All curves are sexier than any straight line.  You don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you.

I’ll begin my proof by stating the Beltranian Postulate of Sexiness, which says, ” All men and women prefer their sexual partners to have round butts.” I know this to be a fact and I have proved it through various observations.  Every time a guy or a girl with a perfect butt walks down the street, the men or women around him or her will bite their lower lips as a sign of “Hold me back or I will bite it.”  Believe me  I know, I haven’t missed an episode of Lie to Me.

This postulates as well as others like, “not all men and women are genetically gifted when it comes to having a round perfect butt“, and “having a round perfect butt will give you a better chance of landing a sexual partner” that have been formulated thanks to years of careful observation (I began this study around my teen years), have led me to the conclusion that:


Why? I don’t really have an answer, but I just guess it gives you something to hold onto for those rough rides.  It also gives you a good chance of being famous with little talent (e.g Jennifer Lopez), or going out with tons of pro athletes and rappers (e.g Kim Kardashian).

Taking all this into account I introduce to you the Perfect Butt edition of Fit Clicks.

I Want A Perfect Butt Program of the Day

I know of at least 4 perfect butt programs that have awesome glute exercises, but today I’m only going to show you one of them.  Now don’t think I’m holding back, because I’m not.  I just don’t want to saturate your head with tons of information, which eventually lead you to not take action.

The program I about to show you today was created my Nick Nilsson.  With this program you get:

  • The Fastest results possible.
  • 18 complete programs to follow so you know what to do to reach your goals.
  • Unique glutes exercises that target your butt like smart bombs.
  • Step by Step videos that will teach you how to do each exercises so you can get results faster.
  • and of course a nutrition plan to take full advantage of your training.
Why is this program different?  Nick is known as the Mad Scientist of Muscle, he try different methods and exercises for a living, so he knows hat works best and faster.  As prove I’m going to leave you with…
Note:  Everything you need to know about developing a perfect butt by clicking here

Best Glute Exercise of the Day

These are just some of the exercises and workouts you will find in the Gluteus to the Maximus program.  Fell free to try the workout out.

Perfect Butt Male Models of the Day

No decent picture to put on here (Sorry Girls).  The one I had found was taken down for some reason.


It is not easy to find male model pictures with perfects for various reasons: 1) I’m not into that; 2) Most of them are Gay Porn; 3) not that many sites appear on Google.  Anyhow, I was not about to leave my female readers without something to waste their time on, so I found this thread on a forum that has tons of hunks for you to entertain yourselves with.

Perfect Butt Female Model of the Day

Vida Guerra is a perfect example of how you can become famous for having a perfect round butt.  Like all the great ones, she got teased about in in school, and now she is in the big leagues.  She has dated Jeremy Shockey, and is desired by men all over the world.

She became famous when her boyfriend took some pictures of her and sent them to some magazine.  Here is the Gallery to some of her pictures.

Big Butt Music Video of the Day

I can’t think of another song more representative of the Beltranian Law of Sexiness than Sir Mix a lot’s ” Baby Got Back“.  I know you know the lyrics so don’t feel embarrassed and sing along (I know I will).

Big Butt Music Video of the Day II

Since the last video really doesn’t show much back, I had to include Sisqo’s Thong Song. Girls, I tried finding music videos featuring guys with cute butts, but to tell you the truth, there ain’t to many of them (I didn’t look to hard either).



Fit Clicks: Clubbell Workout Routine to Lose Belly Fat

In today’s edition of Fit Clicks, I’m going to show you an ingredient, that you should start to use more often in  the kitchen, to burn belly fat and improve health (a recipe is also included). I introduce to you one of my favorite workout tools… the clubbell. The clubbell is one of the most ancient training tools on Earth, and it will kick your butt.  I also included a clubbell workout routine to lose belly fat.  Towards the end I introduce you to one of the world’s best coaches according to various magazines I can’t remember, and I have a small treat for the ladies.  Hope you enjoy and learn.


Habit I Must Adopt of the Day.

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition a while back (1980) garlic and onions help reduces lipid synthesis and influences glycogen metabolism in the liver of rats.  In English that means that it helps reduce the production of fat and lower blood sugar levels.

This eventually leads me to say that you must eat garlic and onions.  They are not only good for weight loss, but good for your heart.  Yes, they are bad for your breath, but hell they can’t be good for everything.

I personally eat garlic in almost all my meals except breakfast, I just love the taste.  I know some people that are allergic to it, but if you are not you must definitely include this food in your diet.

Garlic has tons of health benefits like:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Removing mucus from respiratory system
  • Boosting immune system
As a kid my move would give us the following potion to help us fight the flu.
  • 1 smashed garlic clove
  • 1/2 a handful of chopped onions
  • honey
  • lemon
Blend the onions and the garlic clove until you get a thick paste (looks like baby food).  Pour honey and lemon (lots of it) to make it taste better and hide the strong taste of both onions and garlic.

Chang MLW, Johnson MA: Effect of garlic on carbohydrate metabolism and lipid synthesis in rats. J Nutr 1980, 110:931-936

Training Technology of the Day

workout routine to lose belly fat

I got my first pair of clubbells a about 2 months ago and my training way of viewing my strength changed completely. I wrote a post a couple months go on clubbells (read it here).  One thing I love about clubbells is how they improved my overall strength.  I don’t care how much you can bench press, clubbells will make you feel like a little girl when you try them.  The constant change in center of mass is something you will never find in your typical machines or dumbells.  If you are up for a challenge you can get them at RMAX International.

Clubbell Workout Routine to Lose Belly Fat

In this video John Belkewitch demonstrates a workout from the King of Clubs program.

Coach of the Day

Scott Sonnon is by far the best coach I have found on the web.  He is so good I have decided to invest around 1K on getting the chance to certify myself as a CST instructor.  Scott is a 4 gold medal winner in various martial arts.  He was the first American to teach the Russian Spetsnaz.  This is a great honor considering Russians don’t think very highly of Americans (had to do with a little something called the Cold War).

Scott’s focus towards fitness is something you have never seen before.  His methods of training actually translate to real life situations.  That is why he trains fire fighters, police officers, military (Israeli Special Forces) etc.  This is no functional training like Cross Fit, this Tactical training where your body learns how to transition from one movement to the other like we do in real life.  If you want to look at some of his programs you can go to RMAX International, or you can read my reviews about some of his programs.

TACFIT Warrior and Commando.

Hot Male Model of the Day

Ladies turn in this edition so I present to you Obi Obadike.  I know, I suck at choosing male models.  True be told I don’t spend as much energy searching them as I do their female counter parts.  If you don’t think Obi is that hot, you have to handed to him for having a fit bod. Just how ripped can a man get?  As I’ve said in past issues I would love for you to give me suggestions. Here are more Obi pictures.

TACFIT Video of the Day

This is a pretty advanced workout, because of the complexity and strength requirements of some of exercises.  The man in the video is Scott Sonnon creator of the TACFIT programs, and one of the best coaches I know. Enjoy and don’t injure yourself try to do this workout.


Sexy Fit Clicks: Sexy Fast and Furious 5 links

For this edition of fit clicks we got a gallery to Fast and Furious 5 co-star Miss Hotness Elsa Pataky, we got a sexy Swedish Bun recipe (why is everything made in Sweden is sexy?), and much, much more.

Sexy Habit You Must Adopt of the Day

Stop eating carbs past 4 o’clock pm.  The only exception should be if you train late in the afternoon.

Why? You ask.

Carbohydrates are our main energy source.  They are the first thing our body burns when we train.  After a grueling workout your muscle energy reserves are depleted; if they are not fed something they will enter a catabolic state (muscle break down).  So in order to create an anabolic state (muscle build up mode) you must feed your muscle some carbohydrates and protein within a 2 hour window after your last rep.  After reading this article by Dax Moy I would say you should wait an hour before eating anything

On the other side, if you don’t train your muscle energy reserves WON’T be depleted, and they won’t require the energy.  If you happen to feed it some high energy foods like carbs, guess what is going to happen to that excess energy? That’s right.  Your going to store it here:

Ok. So why 4 o’clock and not 5 or 6?  4 o ‘clock is usually when most people go out for an afternoon snack before leaving work, and when most physical activity seems to cease.  Usually after 4 o’clock most people won’t be engaging in intense physical activity which means they won’t be needing extra fuel.   If your day ends a little later, go a head and push the time a little further.

Your late afternoon meals should mostly be constituted by protein, fat, and tons of vegetables.  Avoid potatoes, rice, bread, and other carbs at all risks.  A piece o salmon with a nice salad would be a much better choice.

Speaking of not eating carbs…

The Recipe of the Day

Sexy buns

Click on image for recipe

I’m a true believer in cheat days, they give me a mental break for dieting and motivate me a lot. This is a recipe you definitively want hold on to for your cheat days.  Yes, you read correctly.  Cheating on your diet is a must.  First of all it helps you stay mentally stable during your diet, and it helps you lose fat.  If you want an explanation you can read about it here.  These sexy buns are courtesy of my favorite chef Jamie Oliver.  You can grab the recipe by clicking the image above or you can just click here.

How to make this recipe healthier:

Disclaimer: Never tried what I’m about to say before, but you should give it a try.

Try to use almond flour or coconut flour.  You can make these by placing a lot of almonds in a blender or a food processer.  Instead of sugar you can use Stevia or any other type of natural sweetner.  This way we can avoid any gluten intolerance and insulin spike.

Hot Model of the Day

fast and furious 5

Not sure if she is a sexy fitness model (probably not, definitely sexy, but maybe not a fitness model), but I really needed an excuse to post this picture. I’m definitely speechless right now.  This woman is beyond your regular hotness.  If you saw the Fast and Furious 5 you might recognize Spanish model Elsa Pataky for playing the Brazilian cop who’s name nobody remembers, but we all really hope for shows up in the next movie.   As a thank you to all my male viewers I leave you this gallery.  You can stare for a while, but don’t get in trouble at work or at home, you can get lost in those eyes.

Stupid Fitness Video of the Day

This video just brought back a lot of memories, of when I used to watch In Living Color.  Most of the actors in this show turned out to be “good comedians”.  Heck, even J-Lo used to be one of the Fly Girls.

Music Video that will get Your Ass off the Couch of the Day

This song is part of the Fast and Furious 5 soundtrack.  It’s preformed by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo. As you can tell I saw the movie yesterday and liked it a lot.  Turn your speakers on pump up the volume and get ready to sweat.







Fit Clicks: Speed Training ft Reggie Bush Gallery

Good Habit You Must Adopt of the Day

I decided to change the Tip of the Day section to this one .  If you had one of these tips everyday or every week to your lifestyle I will assure you’ll lose weigth loss. Today’s good habit is…Eat vegetables.  I know everybody knows this tip, and that it is pretty stupid, but it is unbelievable how many people DON’T FOLLOW IT!!!

Vegetables are low caloric and highly nutritious food.  They provide us with tons of vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy.  I’m sure you already know this, so your problem might not be in the ignorance category, but in the ” they taste like crap” category.  This is why I’m going to let you in on a couple of tips to help them taste better for you.

  1. Squeeze or pour lemon juice on them.  Lemon juice helps eliminate the oxalic acid that gives green vegetables that bitter taste.
  2. Soups:  Put a bunch of vegetables like broccoli, carrots, spinach, onions and garlic in a blender.  Add salt and pepper for taste.  Use carrots or squash to make them sweeter.  I also like to sprinkle some shredded on them for taste.
  3. Dressings:  I’m not talking about the Ranch dressings you buy at the supermarket, I’m talking about homemade dressings.  Use Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and honey mix them together for a great dressing.
  4. Add Crunchy things: Nuts go great with salads.  Sprinkle some peanuts, almonds, pistachios, or brazilian nuts to give your salads more crunch and flavor.
If you want some awesome recipes go check out Jamie Oliver’s website.
If you want to be fast you need the right fuel in your muscles and body.  Eating vegetables will assure that you get the most out of your speed training.

Program of the Day

I love football season. It gives me a reason to like Sundays and even Mondays.  Even though my team (the Dolphins) gives me very little to cheer about (I guess I just love to torture myself thinking they can actually win).  I’m not going to whine about them, I do enough of that on Twitter.  If you happen to be a football player, have a son that plays, coach, or you just like agility drill like me, well today I’m going to introduce to you the Nike SPARQ  website.  SPARQ stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness.  Here you will find some of the best trainers and some of the drills they use to create beasts like Adrian Peterson.  If you want to improve your vertical jump go here.

speed training

Click on the Image to Begin Your Training

 Model of the Day

Since it is Football Sunday and it’s the ladies turn to entertain their eyes, I going to give you this gallery of NFL Players to drool on.  I decided to put Reggie Bush in the picture as a good luck charm for the Dolphins today, and because he is really fast and quick, which fits well with today’s theme.

Speed Training Video of the Day

Youtube has a whole mess of speed training drills, but I chose to show you this one because I trust the guys at IMG Academy, and because this video is part of a 5 video series which I believe you should take a look at if you are serious about gaining speed.

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