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Fit Clicks: Clubbell Workout Routine to Lose Belly Fat

In today’s edition of Fit Clicks, I’m going to show you an ingredient, that you should start to use more often in  the kitchen, to burn belly fat and improve health (a recipe is also included). I introduce to you one of my favorite workout tools… the clubbell. The clubbell is one of the most ancient training tools on Earth, and it will kick your butt.  I also included a clubbell workout routine to lose belly fat.  Towards the end I introduce you to one of the world’s best coaches according to various magazines I can’t remember, and I have a small treat for the ladies.  Hope you enjoy and learn.


Habit I Must Adopt of the Day.

According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition a while back (1980) garlic and onions help reduces lipid synthesis and influences glycogen metabolism in the liver of rats.  In English that means that it helps reduce the production of fat and lower blood sugar levels.

This eventually leads me to say that you must eat garlic and onions.  They are not only good for weight loss, but good for your heart.  Yes, they are bad for your breath, but hell they can’t be good for everything.

I personally eat garlic in almost all my meals except breakfast, I just love the taste.  I know some people that are allergic to it, but if you are not you must definitely include this food in your diet.

Garlic has tons of health benefits like:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Removing mucus from respiratory system
  • Boosting immune system
As a kid my move would give us the following potion to help us fight the flu.
  • 1 smashed garlic clove
  • 1/2 a handful of chopped onions
  • honey
  • lemon
Blend the onions and the garlic clove until you get a thick paste (looks like baby food).  Pour honey and lemon (lots of it) to make it taste better and hide the strong taste of both onions and garlic.

Chang MLW, Johnson MA: Effect of garlic on carbohydrate metabolism and lipid synthesis in rats. J Nutr 1980, 110:931-936

Training Technology of the Day

workout routine to lose belly fat

I got my first pair of clubbells a about 2 months ago and my training way of viewing my strength changed completely. I wrote a post a couple months go on clubbells (read it here).  One thing I love about clubbells is how they improved my overall strength.  I don’t care how much you can bench press, clubbells will make you feel like a little girl when you try them.  The constant change in center of mass is something you will never find in your typical machines or dumbells.  If you are up for a challenge you can get them at RMAX International.

Clubbell Workout Routine to Lose Belly Fat

In this video John Belkewitch demonstrates a workout from the King of Clubs program.

Coach of the Day

Scott Sonnon is by far the best coach I have found on the web.  He is so good I have decided to invest around 1K on getting the chance to certify myself as a CST instructor.  Scott is a 4 gold medal winner in various martial arts.  He was the first American to teach the Russian Spetsnaz.  This is a great honor considering Russians don’t think very highly of Americans (had to do with a little something called the Cold War).

Scott’s focus towards fitness is something you have never seen before.  His methods of training actually translate to real life situations.  That is why he trains fire fighters, police officers, military (Israeli Special Forces) etc.  This is no functional training like Cross Fit, this Tactical training where your body learns how to transition from one movement to the other like we do in real life.  If you want to look at some of his programs you can go to RMAX International, or you can read my reviews about some of his programs.

TACFIT Warrior and Commando.

Hot Male Model of the Day

Ladies turn in this edition so I present to you Obi Obadike.  I know, I suck at choosing male models.  True be told I don’t spend as much energy searching them as I do their female counter parts.  If you don’t think Obi is that hot, you have to handed to him for having a fit bod. Just how ripped can a man get?  As I’ve said in past issues I would love for you to give me suggestions. Here are more Obi pictures.

TACFIT Video of the Day

This is a pretty advanced workout, because of the complexity and strength requirements of some of exercises.  The man in the video is Scott Sonnon creator of the TACFIT programs, and one of the best coaches I know. Enjoy and don’t injure yourself try to do this workout.


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