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Bodyweight exercises that make you look like a weirdo

Social acceptance is very important for us humans.  I just recently learned that we look for it because it gives us or gave us a better chance at survival.  What I’m trying to get to is that we usually runaway from different things because we are afraid of being mocked, and not being accepted.  That is why when we are at the gym we train the same way everybody else is training, we are afraid of attracting stares.  If you have ever tried any of the bodyweight programs I recommend on this blog you know that they attract stares.  If you have ever trained in the park with these exercises, I bet more than one guy has fallen off his bike thinking, “WTF is this guy or gal doing?”.  You may even find the occasional girl or boy that will try to imitate you with very little success, only ending up in giggles.  If this has ever happened to you don’t interpret it as something bad, because it isn’t.  Don’t believe that you are a weirdo, because your not, ok maybe just a little (just look at all the people that Circular Strength Train, their definitely not normal).

Why are they not normal? Well, first of all they train with heavy baseball bats (i.e Clubbells), they move around like something got in their pants, and well they’re champions at what they do, literally.  Scott Sonnon the founder of all this weirdness won 4 gold medals at the World Martial Art Championships (most 40 year olds have trouble getting out of bed, yet win 4 gold medals); Alberto Gallazzi is in charge of RMAX Europe, and he is a jiu jitsu champion as well.  Here are some reviews (click on link below) from some of his clients.  If you look carefully you’ll see that most of them have been champions in their sports.

This is why I don’t mind being the weirdo in the park. Training the way normal people train only get you normal results, train like a weirdo will get you out of the ordinary results.  You won’t only look good, but feel great.

If you want to join this community of weirdo’s I’m going to give you a couple of free workouts so that can get started.

This first workout is from the guys at and their program the Bodyweight Revolution, and the second one is from Coach Sonnon and his TACFIT Commando program.

FUN-damentals (Right Click here to download)

Tacfit commandoIsraeli Challenge (Right Click here to download)

Prepare for some stares.  I now declare you an official weirdo.

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