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New Trend in Fitness Industry

I have always enjoyed training, and I have had a real hard time understanding people that don’t.  I always thought they were weird and strange.  How could someone prefer to stay at home laying on their couch all weekend watching TV  instead of going outside and training?  It took me a few years and an obesity epidemic to realize that I was the weird and strange one.  This made start thinking why I loved training and working out so much, while pretty much 70% of the population prefers to not move a muscle.

I started to ask around and I found out that a great deal of people are confused about what being fit is all about.  During a great deal of my life I believe being fit was about big muscles and having a six pack, and that the only way to achieve this was going to a gym.  I signed up to a gym, but never quite found the motivation to go everyday.  The few times I went I ended up with nagging injuries, and to be sincere I never found it to be much fun. Nowadays, I believe to be wiser (a lot of people my question this assumption) than what I was  back then, and now I know that being fit is all about being prepared to handle the task at hand, be it climbing a tree, running a marathon, doing back flips, etc.  If being fit were all about muscles, bodybuilders would be great athletes; but when was the last time you saw a bodybuilder have success in any sport?

I know a lot of people that share my story that end up not exercising at all.  They don’t like the gym and see it as their only chance.  I’d be the first to agree that gyms are no fun at all.   Curling dumb bells and bench pressing can be appealing to a few, but not to a great deal of the population.  I prefer doing things where my process comes from movement sophistication and feats of strength, like the ones gymnasts do.  You got to agree that doing a handstand is a lot cooler than curling a dumb bell? If you do you’ll like what I’m about to tell you.

During that last couple of months I have found that their is a new trend in the fitness industry it is called… FUN.

A lot of good coaches are realizing programs that have nothing to do with weights, and that are really fun.  Aside from the TACFIT programs, and the RMAX programs I usually talk to you about, these programs teach you cool moves and stunts that you can include in your normal training, or that you can use to start training.

A couple weeks or days ago, a good coach I know from Circular Strength Training (CST) called Ryan Hurst and a couple of his friends released a program by the name of floor skills (I just bought it), where you’ll learn a lot of cool stunts that gymnasts do (Check it out here).

Another program I’m dying to buy, but need to wait for next month (just moved and there were a lot of expenses I wasn’t counting on) is a crash course into Parkour from the Tapp twins.  I have been trying to get into Parkour for a while, but the risk of injury has kept me back.  These guys seem to have a save program with easy progressions, so I’ll tell you more when I buy it.

This is the link to their product (I make no commission off this one).

The third program that you should definitely have if you want to fit for anything, and that is tons of fun is the Animal Flow Workout.   This program will expose your weak spots, and help you in prove balance and strength.  I wrote an entry a while back about this program that you can read here.

These programs are definitely fun to do, will help you improve your health, and are a hell lot better than going to the gym.

Exercising is about having fun and being healthy, not about six packs and looking like a fitness model. If you happen to get six packs from having fun, well that is a consequence I believe you are willing to live with, but don’t make it your main objective.

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