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Tacfit Commando vs Tacfit Warrior

I just bought the the TACFIT Warrior program and I must say WOW!!!!  I was completely blown away.  To start of the bonuses are awesome.  Scott gives away some of his best programs with this such as

1. Flow Fit

2. Threshold Training and

3. Mastering FEAR

I know I promote a lot of products here and hey are all good.  Why is this one different?  Well, this is the only, and I repeat, THE ONLY program that also trains your brain.  I don’t mean like solving math problems really fast, or anything like that.  What I mean is that this program challenges your central nervous system (CNS).  You got to move your right leg like this while your left leg moves like that….  DAMN IT’S TOUGH!!!!

The advantage of this is that you work both of your brain’s hemispheres.  This makes the workout pretty challenging.  You actually feel stupid for a while.  Scott makes the exercises seem really easy, but when it is your turn it’s a different story.

Aside from stimulating your brain it also teaches you (learning and not following along is really important to obtain results) the mental aspect of training.  Being a professional athlete Scott knows this is what wins battles.  All athletes are all physically similar, it’s whats up in your head that makes a difference.  TACFIT Warrior uses visualization techniques to improve your performance and optimize your results.  This is something his other programs lack.

I have bought a lot of Scott Sonnen’s programs.  I’m a proud owner of the INTU-FLOW and Prasara Yoga books, his R.O.P.E, and Mass Assault programs, as well as TACFIT Commando.  Believe me they are all awesome, but they leave the mind behind a bit.

You may be thinking this is for really tough and advanced dudes and gals… well I’m pleased to tell you that you are wrong.  I have to admit the recruit level in Commando was not really easy for beginners.  I tried it with some sedentary clients and they had a really tough time with the exercises.  TACFIT Warrior on the other hand has two more level before you get to recruit.  You can’t get simpler than that.

I almost forgot.

TACFIT Warrior also comes with a diet plan.  This is also something that the other programs are missing.  Nutrition is very important and Scott explains it better than anyone.  It is not a very detailed diet plan like Cheat your way thin or The Every Other Day Diet, but it does give very good guidelines that should help you achieve results.

Fat burning wise it is great.  The program is based on interval training which we all know is one of the best ways to burn fat and shed pounds off as if they were butter.  The workouts are really short, they come with a follow along video, and with a warm up and cool down session that are extremely important and that most programs leave out.

The exercises are all bodyweight, which means ZERO EQUIPMENT.  The exercises are like nothing you have seen before.  Check out the video below just for a small taste:

STOP standing around and ORDER your copy TODAY before the price goes up.

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